Defensive Carbine I - Invite Only


Defensive Carbine I - Invite Only


Sunday July 21, 2019

Get off the bench and into the fight! Defensive Carbine I will take your individual rifleman skills to a whole new level! From reviewing the basics to timed drills, combat reloading, and shooting from multiple positions.


Class Description

This is a private course being offered to select shooters. If you have been to our previous rifle courses and would like to attend please contact Brad directly.

Defensive Carbine will get you prepared to protect yourself and the ones you love. Skill at arms is a PERISHABLE skill - you need ongoing training. This class covers:

  • Trajectory

  • Battle sight zero

  • Gear set-up

  • Sling configuration

  • Use of cover and concealment

  • Practical ready and firing positions

  • Weapons Manipulation Techniques

  • Shooting from Multiple Positions

  • Training the Speed / Accuracy Matrix

Note: $10 Range Fee is INCLUDED in Registration Price. Special Thanks to Mountain Top Gun & Archery for use of their fantastic facilities.


  • Attended our Basic Rifle Marksmanship Course

  • OR Prior Experience with a modern carbine system (AR or AK platforms). If you can safely manipulate, load, reload, clear, and make-safe your weapon you are welcome!

  • OR prior approval from an Instructor - If you feel you have the experience contact us!

Required Equipment

  • Functional Semi-Automatic Rifle with Sling

  • At least 4 Magazines for your Weapon System

  • 200 Rounds of Rifle Ammo

  • Pistol with holster (Optional)

  • 50 Rounds Pistol Ammo (Optional)

  • Eye and Ear Protection

  • Weather Appropriate Clothing

  • Comfortable Shoes

  • Water

  • Lunch and Snacks



  • Sunday July 14, 2019

  • 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM CENTRAL (2:00 PM to 7:00 PM EASTERN)

  • Mountain Top Gun and Archery McMinnville, TN (Google map)