Defensive Shotgun

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Defensive Shotgun


Next Class Date: TBD

Many people have hunted or shot skeet with sport shotguns. Running your shotgun in a defensive encounter is an entirely different skill set. In addition to the detailed manual of arms we’ll teach you how to protect your home and family with a defensive shotgun.


Class Description

Defensive Shotguns starts with a classroom session on firearm safety, legalities of deadly force, proper mindset, and shooting fundamentals.

Then we explore various loading / unloading / reloading techniques for the shotgun, review patterning, and discuss gear selection unique to the shotgun.

Live Fire range drills include malfunction clearance, transitions to pistol, shooting while moving, shooting from various positions, use of cover, and dealing with multiple threats.

Note: $10 Range Fee is INCLUDED in Registration Price. Special Thanks to Mountain Top Gun & Archery for use of their fantastic facilities.


  • Experience with safe weapons handling. If you can safely manipulate, load, reload, clear, and make-safe your weapon you are welcome!

Required Equipment

  • Functional Pump or Semi-Auto Shotgun

  • 200 Rounds of Birdshot or other light load

  • 5 Rounds of Slugs

  • 5 Rounds of Buckshot

  • Pistol with quality holster

  • 50 Rounds Pistol Ammo

  • Eye and Ear Protection

  • Elbow & Knee Pads (optional)

  • Weather Appropriate Clothing

  • Comfortable Shoes

  • Water

  • Lunch and Snacks



  • Next Class Date: TBD

  • 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM CENTRAL (10:00 AM to 3:00 PM EASTERN)

  • Mountain Top Gun and Archery McMinnville, TN (Google map)