Sequatchie School Instructors



Brad Co-Founded Sequatchie School as an NRA Certified Instructor for Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Personal Protection, and Metallic Cartridge Reloading

With that training Brad has taught hundreds of people from pre-teens to seniors the safe and effective use of firearms, from basics through advanced defensive skills.

Having the mindset that “training is never done”, Brad regular attends advanced training classes on rifle, pistol, shotgun, and emergency medicine to hone and refine his skills.



Dustin retired after 15 years in law enforcement as Detective and SWAT entry team member-medic (EMT-IV) for a Middle Tennessee police department in Rutherford County.

His past law enforcement experience also includes service as a Field Training Officer, Spanish Translator, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and Crime Scene Investigator. Dustin is also a State of Tennessee P.O.S.T certified Master Firearms Instructor.

Dustin has earned a B.S. degree from Middle Tennessee State University, currently in school to become a Physician Assistant. He is a graduate of numerous law enforcement and private sector firearm schools.


Brian spent 13 years in the Army, the last 9 as a small arms instructor. Brian is Small Arms Master Gunner qualified, has active combat experience with the m16a4, m249, m203, m2 and mk19 and attended US Army Sniper School.

Brian served as Lead Instructor for all types of units from Command Staff to Special Operations units including teaching assignments at Ft. Bragg, West Point and the U.S. Army SARG (Small Arms Readiness Group).


Steve, 25 year retired infantry veteran. In addition to two deployments while in service, Steve attended US Army Sniper School and was a Marksmanship Instructor for units deploying to Bosnia.

Steve is also a former coach of the nationally ranked TTU ROTC rifle team.


Josh is one of the premier survival instructors in the Southeast. Josh is Wilderness Rescue expert, a paramedic and has 10 years working an ambulance crew.